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Lego Avengers Infinity War 76108 Battle in the Sanctum Sanctorum - official set description

• Fold the building closed or open and fix the street corner in different places for alternative scenarios. • The Sanctum Sanctorum has an entrance hall with a door that can be opened, a weapon rack with an axe and sword and an armchair; a library with an exploding wall, a hidden, translucent-green Time Infinity Stone element with stand, bookshelves, a chest that can be opened with 2 daggers and a weapon rack with a staff and spear; and the Doctor Strange office on the top floor with a decorated Sanctum Sanctorum window (new from March 2018), a desk, bookshelves and a buildable candlestick. • Let the wall explode and discover the Time Infinity Stone. • In the apartment of Peter Parker you will find an office with a desk and various elements, including a computer, a lamp and boxes, plus a bedroom with a trap door function, an exploding window, a bed and a pizza element. • Let the window explode and discover the spider web on the wall of the building. • The pizzeria has a door that can open, an exploding window, a pizza oven, a buildable shoarma grill and various elements including a pizza, a pizza scoop and a fire extinguisher. • On the roof you will find a function for launching a minifigure and a water tower with hoist function to bring Iron Spider-Man to the fight along a 'spider web' and lower it again. • The street corner includes a kiosk with newspaper elements, a garbage can and various elements including a spider web with the Iron Spider-Man mobile phone and a piece of pizza. • The big figure of Cull Obsidian (new from March 2018) has 2 hammers that you can build yourself. • Weapons: the energy weapons of Iron Spider-Man and Ebony Maw. • Iron Spider-Man has a back plate with 4 pan elements.  

(Official description, not written by me)

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