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Lego Avengers Infinity War 76103 - Corvis Glaive Attack - official set description

Includes 5 minifigures: Vision, Shuri, Black Panther, Corvus Sword and Outrider. • The Wakandan wall is equipped with a lever-opening door, a tower with two rotating tenon turrets, a concealed disc launcher, a hinged section, a laboratory with a seat that can accommodate a figurine, a desk with two computer screens, an inverted examination table and a translucent yellow element representing the Gem of Infinity of the Mind. • Also includes a Thresher and its launcher, equipped with trigger and camouflage elements. • Aim the Thresher toward the wall to flip the examination table. • The weapons include both Shuri gloves and the staff of Corvus Glaive. • The Outrider figure (new in March 2018) has six arms. • Combines several sets to widen the Wakand wall. • Recreate thrilling scenes from Marvel Avengers' superhero movie: Infinity War. • This superhero toy is suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years old. • The Wakandan wall is more than 20 cm high, 25 cm wide and 9 cm deep. • The Thresher launcher is more than 5 cm high, 8 cm wide and 12 cm deep. • The Thresher is over 7 cm tall, 7 cm long and 4 cm wide. 

(Official description, not written by me)

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